1115 Funko POP! Wall-E with Fire Extinguisher

R 299.90

Ever wondered what life would be like in 1000 years? Surely the Earth will be filled with high-tech vehicles and buildings, populated by creatures from all over the galaxy, living in harmony with the human race? Well unfortunately if Disney's smash-hit film Wall-E is anything to go by, it may just be the opposite.


Set in the year 2805, Wall-E follows the story of Wall-E, a trash compactor robot living behind on a deserted Earth, left to clean a largely abandoned city. However, he is visited by a probe sent by the Axiom ship, whom he falls in love with and pursues across the galaxy.


Funko's latest wave of Wall-E Pop! Vinyl Figures are also worth pursuing the galaxy for!


Here we have Wall-E, using his fire extinguisher to float through space, allowing him to finally "dance" with Eve. It's a beautiful moment and now you can relive it each day with this amazing Pop! Vinyl Figure.


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