Fly Wheels Single Pack

R 209.90

Fly Wheels™ – The Most Extreme Performance Ever! Fly Wheels™ are one of the fastest wheels around! Rip it up to 200 scale MPH! Hit the Stunt Ramp and jump up to 30 feet in the air! Jump a car, a truck, a bus, even a real airplane! Each tire has a unique design and tread pattern for different performance on road or off road! Extreme speed, stunts & jumps, Fly Wheels™ are some of the hottest wheels around! How fast can you rip? How far can you jump? How high can you fly?


Perform extreme stunts & jumps!

Rip it and launch it up to 200 scale MPH!

Jumps up to 30 feet in the air with the Fly Wheels ™ Stunt Ramp! (sold separately)

Works on road & off road - dirt, mud, rain, snow, asphalt, etc!

Includes: 1 Launcher, 1 Ripcord, 1 Fly Wheels™

Suggested for Ages 8+


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