Flipslide Game

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Flipslide is a fast moving matching electronic hand held game!

Can you master the moves to beat the blocks? Turn on the game. Colored lights will show up indicating which colors to match!


Addictive Fun!

Flip the side blocks to find the right colors and slide the blocks into place to match! Take it anywhere play it any time its addictive fun for everyone!


Four different game modes

1. Speed Mode:

Complete 10 moves as fast as you can! Time is measured as the score.

2. Level Mode:

Progress through the levels by solving the ‘light sequences’ – have you got the skills to reach level 8? (Time to make moves decreases as levels progress)

3. Memory Mode:

Remember the flashing light sequences. Starts with just 2 blocks lighting up, but then progresses to 4 blocks by level 8.

4. Multiplayer:

Solve the puzzles and pass to the next player – but watch out! Time is ticking down and you don’t want to be the one holding the unit when the light explosion goes off! (Loser is the one holding the unit when this happens)


It’s fun! It’s Addictive! It’s flipside!