Fiesta Magnetic My Calendar - Blue

R 239.90

A wonderful daily activity; children love to change the date and look out of the window to make their own forecast, placing one of the shaped weather pieces on the chart. My Calendar measures 20 x 26 cm and has 38 magnetic pieces. Months are coloured to match the seasons. Has a full magnetic backing so can be positioned on a fridge or can be pinned to a wall.

When it comes to learning all about the days of the week, months of the year and the weather, the easy to use My Magnetic Calendar is both educational and fun. Children can learn how to put the months in sequence, they can update the day of the week and the date every day, and can monitor the weather and update their chart as it changes. A fun daily activity for children aged 3-12, this also makes a splendid wall decoration to brighten up bedroom, playroom or classroom. Popular with adults too, the Magnetic My Calendar can often be found as a proud centrepiece in the kitchen. Every morning, children delight in changing the date pieces and are eager to peer out of the window to give their forecast, using the delightfully illustrated colour pieces in the special Weather section.

  • My Calendar has over 40 magnetic pieces. The board can also be attached to the wall via adhesive pads or pins through the pre-cut fixing holes.
  • Children can learn to put the days and months in order
  • Move the magnetic pieces for fun daily activity.
  • Months colour coded for the seasons.
  • Has a full magnetic backing so can be positioned on a fridge or hung on a wall.
  • Colourful wall decoration.
  • Board is magnetic - attach to fridges or other metallic surfaces.