Cubic Fun Coloring 3D Puzzle - Honeybee Pen Holder & Snail Photo Frame 22 Pieces

R 69.90

Honey Bee Pen Holder is part of a brand new series based on popular art and craft ideas. The puzzle comes with black and white patterns only, which enables you to design and create your very own 3D puzzle.



Stationeries and photo on the package are not inside the box.

Push-fit 3D puzzle with no pre-applied colour.

Only shapes and patterns for DIY colouring.

Made of Paper and EPS Foam Board.

Easy to follow instruction for anyone to assemble.

No scissors required.

No gluing.

Functional and attractive.

It can collect most of your sundries together, such as pen, ruler, scissors, knife and so on.

Make your own design for home and office use.