Baby Born My Little Baby Born Bathing Fun Girl

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A single glance at this charming doll is all it takes and she has found a permanent place in your heart. Hold her tight, her small baby belly is very soft and cuddly. My little Baby born Bathing Fun also has a real weakness for water and  loves taking baths. Take her clothes off come her romper suit and hat and its into the tub she goes. The dolls soft body is filled with special, non-hazardous granules, she is bath able and dries quickly.The warm water often makes her thirsty, so its out of the tub, nappy on and grab the bottle – she can drink real water And doll mummies can sense these things: she has hardly begun to drink and already she needs the toilet. Not a problem, as you can reuse the practical and environmentally-friendly cloth nappy as often as you like. For playing, cuddling, to help the child sleep and as an introduction to mother-child role play.