9530 Melissa & Doug Transfer Sticker Scenes - Around the Town

R 99.90

Bring the town to life by rubbing dozens of stickers onto two illustrated scenes! Position the stickers, use the included stylus to rub, then peel back to reveal art that blends right in with the scenes! Tell the stories about what's happening around the farm and display when complete. Transfer stickers are an engaging way for kids four and older to develop fine motor skills, to learn about cause and effect, and to hone narrative thinking skills.


Set of rub-on transfer stickers with community scenes to decorate.

Includes 45 transfer stickers, wooden stylus, two glossy scenes.

Position stickers, rub with stylus, and reveal picture.

Art blends in with the scenes.

Ages 4+


Discover Countless Ways To Play:

WHAT'S HAPPENING? Before transferring any stickers, preview both scene cards and the sticker sheet with kids. Help kids identify the different buildings, areas, vehicles, people, etc. Talk about who might visit the various locations and who might work there.

SENSIBLE or SILLY: Point to a sticker on the sheet and ask kids where it might go on one of the scene cards that makes sense (for instance, the fire truck in the firehouse). Then, ask where it would be silly to put the sticker (such as the fire truck on the barn roof)!

STORY TIME: Ask kids to tell a story as they rub the transfer stickers into place. For instance, what happened to the man on the stretcher, where is the EMT taking him, and why? Every sticker transferred onto the scene has a story!

I SEE! After the cards are filled, play an "I spy" game--take turns describing a detail ("I see a girl with a purple headband!") while the other person tries to find it as quickly as possible!