9478 Playmobil Lucky & Spirit with Horse Stall

R 419.90

Lucky and Spirit have an inseparable bond and together they try to find their way in a strange new world. Since Lucky never learned to ride a horse, she hesitates at first, but the friendship she has with Spirit makes it easier. Lucky trusts that she can always rely on Spirit when they are together. Before each ride, Lucky goes to the stables to brush Spirit's fur or give him some hay. Then the fun can begin. The playset consists of Lucky, Spirit, stall with name tag, blanket, dishes, care tools, pitchfork, shovel, water bucket and many other accessories.


Accurate role-play with Lucky and Spirit figures, box for stowing stable/horse accessories etc., can be combined with the PLAYMOBIL Horse stalls (9479 and 9480 -sold separately).

Playset for children aged 4+, ideal for children's hands due to age-appropriate size and easy to hold thanks to the rounded edges.

Can be used every day: Instructions for setting up with parents, high quality and robust design, clean the parts (without stickers) under running water without chemical agents.

Contents: 1 x PLAYMOBIL DreamWorks Spirit Lucky and Spirit with Horse stall, 57-piece playset with instructions: 1 horse box , 1 figurine, 55 accessories, Material: plastic, L x W x H: 32 x 12 x 14 cm.

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to the dangers of suffocation caused by small parts.