93685 Melissa & Doug Stack, Sort & Pound Play Set

R 949.90

Get your toddler the best deal when you get the Melissa and Doug Stack Sort & Pound Classic Toys Bundle! This set includes a box of blocks, a shape-sorting cube and the Pound-a-Peg set. 


The Building Blocks come with a hundred pieces made from wood in 4 awesome colours and 9 different shapes to encourage toddlers to mix and match the different assortments to practise their creativity.


The Shape-Sorting Cube includes 12 chunky multicoloured shapes that "clunk" into the hardwood cube to urge toddlers in learning shape-recognition as well as problem-solving skills.


Lastly, the Pound a Peg features 4 pairs of colourful pegs that go into the wooden frame by pounding them with the included hammer then flip the wooden frame to repeat the activity all over again! This set will further push toddlers into learning colour-recognition whilst enhancing the use of logic.


Overall, the Melissa and Doug Stack, Sort & Pound Classic Toys Bundle is a great set to keep your toddler bustling with activities that encourage practising their fine motor skills, dexterity, problem-solving skills as well as colour and shape recognition.




The Melissa and Doug Stack, Sort & Pound Classic Toys Bundle is a 3-in-1 playset that comes with Melissa and Doug's most-loved classic toys including:

100 Multicoloured Wooden Blocks

12 Multicoloured Wooden Shapes

4 Wooden Cube Parts

8 Multicoloured Pegs

1 Wooden Frame

1 Wooden Hammer

Stack, build, mix and match then knock down the wooden blocks.

Place the corresponding shapes inside the sorter.

Pound the pegs into the wooden frame using the hammer.

Watch as your toddler learns more about colour and shape recognition whilst enhancing their dexterity and practising their fine motor and problem-solving skills.

Suitable for kids from ages 2 years and up.