9352 Melissa & Doug Let's Play House! Wash , Dry & Iron

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Laundry day has never been so much fun! Wash, dry, and iron with this wooden 8-piece set. Front-loading washer/dryer features a spin-able window, control knob for choosing wash or dry settings, and an attached ironing board. Laundry basket, detergent and dyer sheets store conveniently on the shelves.  Press out wrinkles from the shirt and pants with the sturdy iron with settings knob, and then store the clean, ironed clothes in the clothes basket! Kids can even use the handy checklist to keep track of laundry day chores! Imaginative play encourages hand-eye coordination and self-esteem.


Pretend-play laundry set with wooden washer/dryer and iron.

Includes laundry checklist, clothes basket, iron, clothing, detergent, and dryer sheets.

Front dryer window spins and knobs turn to set temperature controls.

Sturdy wooden construction.

Encourages hand-eye coordination and self-esteem.


Discover Countless Ways To Play:

Use a timer to see how quickly kids can iron the clothing free of wrinkles.

Talk about separating laundry into darks and lights. Have kids sort their doll's clothing by color. Then ask them to load the piles correctly into the washer/dryer, while counting the pieces.

Have kids fold the shirt and pants as small as they possibly can. How many folds can they make?

Have kids place three pairs of their socks into the washer/dryer. Take turns closing your eyes, opening the washer/dryer door and retrieving two socks. Whoever picks a matching pair first is the winner!

Have kids trace the shirt and pants onto a piece of paper and color them in to create unique outfits. Once done, help them cut the designs so they can place them in washer/dryer and pretend to iron them smooth.