9283 Playmobil Snowball Fight

R 109.00 R 189.90

Have some winter fun with a Snowball fight! Round up your best snowballs and take aim! take cover in the snow fort before launching your snowballs onto your opponents below. The Notches in the snowballs make them easy for the figures to grasp. Use the sleds to collect the snowballs or jump aboard and slide down the snowy fort Hill. Set includes three figures, two sleds, snowboard, snow fort, snowballs, flag, and other accessories. Recommended for ages four to ten.

- Includes snowballs. These can be held by the children. 

- A child figure can sit on the sledge or the snowballs can be placed there. The sledge can be pulled by a figure.

- With plenty of winter sports accessories, such as skis, poles, snowboard, helmets, and removable helmets and ski goggles.