8824 Melissa & Doug 3D Colouring Puzzles - Space/Dinosaurs

R 89.90

It's easy to create fun puzzles that pop! Complete the two 24-piece outer space and dinosaurs jigsaw puzzles, then fill in the color-coded pictures with a matching colored marker (markers not included). Use the included 3-D glasses to transform the puzzles into multi-dimensional scenes. When filled in, warm colors like red and orange will come forward, while cool colors like blue and green recede into the background, giving a 3-D look! Kids four and older will love putting together the 3-D jigsaw puzzles over and over. 


Two 24-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzles to color and turn into 3-D scenes.

Puzzles show space scene and dinosaur scene.

Includes 3-D glasses.

Areas are color-coded to indicate marker color to use.

Recommended Age Range 4 Years and up.