853188 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Elizabeth Swann Keychain

R 99.00 R 129.90

Features an authentic LEGO® Pirates of the Carribean™ Elizabeth Swann minifigure attached to a sturdy metal ring and chain

Attach to your keys or backpack

Minifigure is not detachable from metal chain

Makes a great gift for fans of LEGO® Pirates of the Carribean™ building sets

Suitable for ages 6 and over


The lovely Elizabeth Swann, depicted in this 2011 keychain as part of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, always wanted to be a pirate. Elizabeth married her true love, William Turner, and helped avenge the death of her father during a nasty battle against enemy Sao Feng. Strong and beautiful, you can see why Elizabeth makes a perfect pirate heroine when you look at her long, molded blonde hair, intricate gown detailing, and small smile on her face as she plans to follow her dreams of being a pirate, and wedding her true love-what every girl wants!