8275 LEGO Collector Shop Technic Motorised Bulldozer Pre-Built

R 3,000.00

Retired Set

No Box

Instruction Manual Included

Power Functions Included and Tested

Pre-Loved LEGO


Ages: 11-16

Pieces: 1384


Hold the remote-control in your hands and enter the virtual world of construction with the Lego Motorized Bulldozer. Raise the ripper and front blade of this Lego Technic bulldozer to complete your tasks. The motor, turning treads, and working pistons pulls this Lego bulldozer ahead. With a 7-inch height and an 18-inch length, it gives a realistic effect to this Lego Technic bulldozer. Power up this Lego bulldozer with a set of universally available 6 AA and 3 AAA batteries. Push a button on your remote and watch the Lego Motorized Bulldozer spring to life with every command you provide.


Please Note: Prebuilt includes instructions.  Checked for completeness but cannot guarantee. Pops Toys cannot be held liable for incomplete sets.