70746 Playmobil Violet Vale - Demon Portal

R 1,299.90

Umbrathor - wizard of the dark forces resides in this gruesome demon place! With the help of his magical portal, Umbrathor conjures up eerie demons. His goal is to cause unrest in Violet Vale and usurp power. The magician climbs over the rope ladder to the upper floor of the ruin, here is the altar for summoning the demons. Umbrathor casts a spell, waves his bat staff and the next moment the stone slab of the altar breaks and a devilish little demon jumps out. Straight away the bad little guy frees his big demon friend from the dungeon and the two run away. Certainly nothing good can be expected from these deceitful creatures! The playset contains the dark novelmore wizards Umbrathor and Vermithor, a two-story demon portal with dungeon and altar, two demons, a bat staff, mask and many other magical extras. The plate of the altar can be blown away by a mechanism.


With magical portal (incl. trigger mechanism) for summoning demons, as well as dungeon and other accessories. Stop the evil magician and his assistants ... or join them. Dimensions: 32.5 x 30 x 36cm (LxDxH)