70338 Playmobil Take Along Tactical Unit Headquarters

R 1,199.90

Alert - a thief is getting away! The best team for the job is stationed at The Take Along Tactical Unit Headquarters. When the call comes in, the tactical unit team grabs its gear and deploys, using both a helicopter and motorcycle to track down the bad guy before he gets away with the gold. Use the functioning light on the motorcycle to clear the roads and alert passersby of the situation (batteries included). When the city is quiet and safe, land the copter on the helipad and park the motorcycle in the garage. The team can then keep an eye on the city from the command center. When playtime is over, store all the pieces inside and reassemble the helipad and wall to convert the HQ into a compact take along. Then, take this playset with you on the go for exciting crime fighting adventures! Simply, use the handle on top for transporting to each new play destination. Set includes four figures, headquarters, helicopter, motorcycle, quad, handcuffs, megaphone, gold bars, safe, flashlights, tire spikes, and other accessories. Dimensions: 13 x 5. 1 x 8. 1 in (LxWxH). Recommended for ages four years and up.


Figures: 1 SWAT policewoman, 2 SWAT policemen, 1 crook Accessories: 1 driving SWAT central, 1 SWAT helicopter, 1 SWAT motorcycle, 1 gangster quad, 1 winch, 1 motorcycle helmet, 1 pilot helmet with microphone, 1 police cap with microphone, 1 peaked cap, 1 shield, 3 pairs of arm cuffs, 1 gun cabinet, 1 shelf, 1 folding table, 2 chairs, 1 alarm bell, 3 gold bars, 1 megaphone, 2 handcuffs, 4 flashlights, 1 fire extinguisher, 2 batons, 2 door rammers, 3 pistols, 4 rifles large, 2 rifles small, 1 nail band, 1 crowbar, 1 camera, 3 index cards, 1 neckerchief, 1 pair of crook gloves, 1 tub, 1 storage box, 2 connectors dark grey, 2 connectors light grey.