70330 Playmobil River Challenge

R 609.90

The pals are Pru, Abigail and Lucky; three friends who are inseparable and face exciting competitions with their buds Bebe, Ursula and Daphne. On a tree trunk in the water, the girls have to show who can keep their balance the longest, but it's pretty wobbly. With the red and yellow flag, the girls can lead the way and it's off to the horses. In no time, Pru jumps on Chica Linda and Daphne on Horse Marbles and then the competition begins. A great horseshoe badge is waiting for the winner.

The River Challenge playset includes the characters Pru on Chica Linda and Daphne on Marbles, a river course with a tree trunk and tree for the balance game and a red and yellow signal flag for the flag-signalling competition. For all big spirit fans, there is a friendship bracelet with horseshoe clip for every successfully-passed competition.

Figures: 1 Pru, 1 Daphne Animals: 1 horse Chica Linda, 1 horse Marbles, 1 heron, 1 dragonfly, 1 bird, 2 squirrels Accessories: 1 green area with river section and reeds, 1 tree trunk, 1 green area with little trees, 1 compass, 2 flags, 1 signpost, 1 branch, 3 cloths, 3 holders, 2 halters, 2 reins, 2 horse blankets, 2 saddles, 7 silicone bracelets, 2 camping caps, 1 children's bracelet, 2 horseshoe badges.