70324 Playmobil Elephant Habitat

R 409.90

Elephants are the largest living land animals and one of the main attractions in the zoo. Visitors often flock to the elenate enclosure for hours and watch the fascinating proboscis with the imposing tusks. The small family of elephants is in a good mood today. While the young animal is running around happily, the mother plucks a few fresh grasses from the tree with her trunk. The play set contains an elephant mother and her cub, a zookeeper, a tree trunk, a grain sheaf and other accessories. The boundary element can be set up individually. The play set is an ideal addition to the large adventure zoo (Art. No. 70341 sold separately).


Figures: 1 man Animals: 1 elephant, 1 baby elephant Accessories: 1 demarcation element water ditch with water plants, 1 tree, 1 straw bundle, 1 peaked cap.

Recommended for ages 4+