70244 Playmobil Take Along Soccer Arena

R 1,359.90

Speedy, exciting dives and spectacular games - PLAYMOBIL Sports & Action transports action-packed adventures from children's rooms to the garden or park. With the PLAYMOBIL Sports & Action Take Along Soccer Arena, you can experience exciting hours full of fun. If you like, you can also place your own smartphone in the clever holder and record your spectacular game. Lot's of fun for football fans of all ages!


Ideal for on-the-go fun, the Playmobil 70244 Take Along Soccer Arena features 2 players with a one-handed kicking function for quick and easy goal-scoring. The goal-keepers can be attached to a rod, which moves in and out and around the goal to help block goals. The arena folds in half to form a carry case, making the playset easily trasnsported. The playset is complete with 4 Playmobil figures and a phone stand, which can be used to record the action-packed games on the field.

Recommended Age: 5 yrs+