70221 Playmobil Burnham Raiders Fortress

R 2,899.90

This impressive fortress is home to the rebellious Burnham Raiders. The castle proudly towers above the volcanic fire mountain. The fire cannons and the mighty castle gate glisten in the evening sun and the dragon hisses visciously from its cage. If intruders try to conquer the castle, they will be fired at by the raiders with glowing fireballs. The cunning Burnham Raiders are a group of bandits and outlaws who fear nothing and no one. Their latest object of desire is the magical armour Invincibus, which makes its wearer invincible. With all means, the rebels try to get hold of this armour in order to spread chaos, conquer new lands and subjugate them with fire power.

The Novelmore playset from PLAYMOBIL surprises with creative weapons, sophisticated defence systems and original characters. The PLAYMOBIL classic in a brilliant new design offers hours of fun.

The fortress of the Burnham Raiders has numerous defensive functions: Cannons for fire arrows on both sides, a wall cover for fireballs, a train gate, as well as a trapdoor to the dungeon. The playset includes the Novelmore characters leader Bayron Burnham and his son Brody, blacksmith Sulphur and the evil knight Lucifex. In the Fire Mountain, there is another entrance to the fortress.


Recommended for ages 5+.

Features hidden traps.

With 2 projectile launchers.

Includes flamerocks.

With working winch to lower and lift the drawbridge.

With breakthrough all and lockable cell.