70144 LEGO Legends of Chima - Laval's Fire Lion

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Retired Set

Box Condition: 7/10


Ages: 8-14

Pieces: 450


Mungus needs to get the blue CHI to utilize all his powers and Cragger is racing to get to it first. Even up the odds with the mighty Fire Lion, placing Cragger alongside Laval in the cockpit. Enter fire CHI power mode to draw the Fire Lion up to full height. Prepare to attack with its fiery claws and huge snapping jaws. And when Mungus is in range, fire 4 missiles at once from the awesome weapon pod! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Laval, Cragger and Mungus.

Includes 3 : Laval, Cragger and Mungus Weapons include a Fire Various for Laval, Vengblaze for Cragger and a Tung-Tusk for Mungus.

Features cockpit, 4-missile shooting weapon pod, fire CHI, fire CHI attachment point, fire CHI power mode, rear CHI holder, tools, CHI weapon holders.

Also features lion detailing, opening jaws, possible joints and flame elements Accessories include 3 removable CHI crystals in Mungus' belt.

Place Laval and Cragger side by side in the cockpit! Shoot 4 missiles at once from the rocket pod! Help Cragger get to the blue CHI before Mungus!

Measures over 6" high, 9" long and 7" wide in race mode and over 7" high, 9" long and 11" wide in fire-up mode.