70004 Playmobil Spy Team Underwater Wing

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Go underwater on a mission with The Playmobil 70004 Top Agents Spy Team Underwater Wing Playset! This set comes with an underwater rocket with a functioning underwater motor that runs when placed in water! Equipped with floats that make the wing buoyant and shoots that can be launched, this set will provide children with an endless amount of fun. Use the included Top Agent Playmobil figurine and attach him to the wing, placing flippers on his feet for streamlined movement! Other accessories in this set includes 2 diving fins, an oxygen bottle with regulator, diving goggles, 2 rocket holders and 4 rockets. Easy to assemble, robust and long-lasting, this set will provide your children with an endless amount of fun! Features and Benefits: Explore the deep oceans on a secret mission with this playset. Includes a Top Agents figurine with posable arms and legs Underwater rocket has functioning motor. Rocket wing can be placed in water (buoyant). Wing has shoots that can be launched. Attach figurine to the wing easily. Comes with attachable flippers for figurine. Other accessories: 2 diving fins, 1 oxygen bottle with regulator, 1 diving goggles, 2 rocket holders and 4 rockets. Accessories can be placed inside figurines grip. Wing can be used above and below water. Encourages learning through interactive play Can be used daily, has a robust and long-lasting stature. Excellent way to encourage learning through interactive play. Suitable for ages 6 and above