6978 Playmobil Cruise Ship

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All aboard the Playmobil Cruise Ship!

Set sail in complete luxury as you travel from port to port. Both sections of the ship can be pulled out for greater access to the ships hull. Why not take a dip in the pool which can be filled with water or race down the slide for added fun from the sun deck. When you need a break, take a trip to the ships restaurant for some dinner.

Includes five Playmobil figures, Life raft that floats on water and lots of accessories.

Please note: The life raft floats on water, the ship itself does not.



-Cruise liner CAN NOT float and is therefore NOT designed to be used in water. 

- Lower deck can be pulled out but NOT removed. Recommandation: Whilst moving the ship, the lower deck should be inside the ship's hull. -By removing the roof it is possible to access the areas of the terminal and bridge. 

- Bridge is accessible through the doorway. 

- Safety vests are stored in the box located in the bow area of the ship. 

- Three safety vests included for the adult figures and two for the child figures. 

- Figures are able to stand on the deck and hold onto the railing. 

- Pool can be filled with water and removed for cleaning. 

- Ladder leads to the slide and to the upper deck. 

- Lifeboat can be lifted up and down by the swiveling arm. 

- Lifeboat floats and can be upgraded with the underwater motor (item 7350) (NOT possbile with RC Underwater Motor item 5536). 

- The Singer with Stage (item 6983) can be combined.