6948 Playmobil Picnic with Pony Wagon

R 209.90

The Playmobil Country Picnic With Pony Wagon 6948 is great for a summers day. The horse pulls the wagon to a perfect spot where the children can enjoy their lunch, as well as a sing-a-long with their guitar. The set includes two Playmobil children, a horse-drawn wagon and accessories.


On the loading area the picnic basket and the cover are stowed away. The tarpaulin of the carriage is removable. 

- There is space on the bench for two child figures which are fixed with the help of a foot clamp. 

- All picnic utensils, like the new picnic basket, the cover, the child guitar and the catering can be stowed away.

- The tarpaulin of the carriage can be removed. 

- The picnic cover can be used as a blanket.

- The pony can be rode by a child figure without a saddle.

Recommended for ages 5+