6927 Playmobil Pony Farm

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What could be nicer than a holiday on the pony farm. There is always a lot to do here. The ponies can hardly wait for someone to ride out with them. Then, the fur is brushed - how radiantly it shines. Of course, food has to be distributed as well. Where is the wheelbarrow again? Oh, there. After all the ponies have been taken care of, they are allowed to stay in the big playpen for a while and enjoy the fresh air before going back to the boxes. Now it's time to clean and tidy up. Fortunately, there is a separate place in the stable for buckets, broomsticks, pitchforks, reins and riding equipment. Great, everything is clean, says the farmer's wife happily. As a reward, you are allowed to spend the night in the hayloft today. The children are thrilled and climb up the ladder to the hayloft.


- The ponies can be walked out, or rode.

- The barrow can be used by the child figures.

- The fence is fully adaptably. 

- A ladder leads up to the hayloft which serves as safekeeping for the feed and straw. 

- In each stable a hay rack is provided for the feed. 

- Includes lots of hooks and accessories for clearing up after the horses.

- Both stable doors can be closed and opened independently of each other.

- All stable doors on the front open outwards. 

- The rear stable doors can be opened inwards and outwards.

Recommended for ages 5+