6926 Playmobil Horse Farm

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Farm life is nothing if not full of life. Whether it’s the horses that gallop around the stables, a young foal learning to walk, or the farm cats that chase away pesky mice, the people who live on the horse farm always have lots of company! The horses are lead out from their lockable stalls into the outdoor paddocks where the farm-folk train and ride them. They’re rewarded for hard work with apples and carrots. There’s no end to the jobs to be done with the many realistic accessories. Includes 2 rider figures, 2 horses, 1 foal and many accessories.

Fun for little horse fans: Playmobil Large Horse Farm with animals, stables, open-air enclosures and other accessories for detailed re-enactments.

2 figures, 3 horses, 2 stables, with gate fence for various assembly possibilities, etc., can be combined with Playmobil Country Horse Grooming Station (6929 sold separately).

Playset for children ages 5+, ideal for children's hands due to age-appropriate size and easy to hold thanks to the rounded edges.

Can be used every day: Instructions for setting up with parents, high quality and robust design, clean the parts (without stickers) under running water without chemical agents.

Contents: 1 x Playmobil Country Large Horse Farm, 358-piece play figure set with instructions: 1 horse farm, 14 animals, 2 figures, 341 accessories, Material: Plastic, L x W x H: 69.5 x 41 x 24.5 cm.