6695 Playmobil Royal Tribune with Alex

R 269.00 R 469.90

Join SUPER 4 hero Alex as he pays tribute to his father, King Henric, at the Royal Tribune. With his noble steed, lance, and armor, Sir Gareth is ready to compete in the royal tournament. Keep the king's precious Golden Teapot safe by hiding it in the secret compartment next to the throne. While Sir Gareth is jousting, Alex can protect the King with the help of his signature retractable sword. Set includes Prince Alex with sword, Sir Gareth, King Henric, royal podium with throne, the Golden Teapot, horse, and plenty of other SUPER accessories. Combine this set with Jousting Rypan (#6696 - sold separately) to create a complete PLAYMOBIL SUPER 4 joust. Recommended for ages five and up.

Recommended Age: 5 yrs +

Height: 25 CM

Width: 9.5 CM

Length: 28.4 CM