6683 Melissa & Doug Skippy Frog Toss & Grip

R 274.90

Young friends will have a ball with this amphibian twist on a classic backyard game. Set includes two soft balls and two smiling, self-stick fabric Skippy Frog catchers. This game can be played outdoors or inside, keeping kids four and older engaged and moving, and helping to develop gross motor skills, coordination, and interpersonal skills.


Set includes two soft balls and two charming, self-stick fabric froggy "catchers".

Amphibian twist on a classic backyard game.

Quality materials and craftsmanship.

Great for gross motor skills, coordination, interpersonal skills, and active play.


Discover Countless Ways To Play:

TOSS & SPIN: Toss a ball in the air, spin around and catch it with the frog mitt! Can you spin around more than once?

STEP BACK: Play catch with a friend. Every time you successfully catch the ball with the frog mitts, take one step backwards, away from your partner!

RIBBIT ROUND UP: Toss the balls as far as you can, then, wearing a mitt, hop like a frog and "ribbit" as you pick them up!