6035 Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Kickball

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This bright green Froggy-face ball will encourage happy times in your backyard or on the playground! Made of durable rubber, this ball is ideal for early catching and kicking games.


Smiling Froggy face adds delight to throwing, catching, kicking and bouncing activities.

Classic ball for playground or backyard games.

Made of durable rubber.

9.75"H x 9.75"L x 8.5"W Packaged.

2+ years


Discover Countless Ways To Play

Set up obstacles in a straight line and try kicking, bouncing, or swatting the ball around them. How fast can you go?

Count how many times you can throw the ball in the air and catch it without dropping!

Play a game of tag where you can use the ball to "tag" someone below the waist!