4209 Melissa & Doug Unit Blocks on Wheels

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The bright colors on these 36 wooden blocks will inspire lots of creative stacking and building. All the blocks fit neatly into a sturdy wooden pull-along cart! An outstanding value! Unit blocks are the ideal way to introduce the concept of part to whole. 


36 wooden blocks for stacking, sorting, counting, and building.

Bright colors.

Solid-wood construction.

All the blocks fit neatly into a sturdy wooden pull-along cart.

Promotes motor skills, spatial reasoning, problem solving, and early math skills.


Discover Countless Ways To Play:

STACK & ROLL: Take stacking fun on the move! Ask kids to build a structure on the cart. When it's complete, have them pull the cart and see how far they can roll it without the blocks toppling! What happens if they go faster or try to go around corners? Have kids build the tallest tower they can on the cart, and see how far they can pull it before the tower tumbles.

SQUARES & RECTANGLES: Talk to kids about which blocks are square and which are rectangular. Ask kids to explore different ways to make shapes of equal sizes using different blocks. For instance, two small blue triangle blocks side by side are the same size and shape as a red square block; two large blue triangles fit together to make the same shape as the large blue rectangle. Have younger kids experiment by laying the blocks on top of each other; challenge older kids to create a shape the size of a block or blocks you are holding. Talk about half and whole, and, as kids get older, fractions!

STORY TIME: Build a structure with kids using as many of the blocks as possible. Ask them to tell a story about it. For instance, if it looks like a house, who lives there? If it's more like a bridge or a road, where does it go and who is traveling on it? Maybe it's a wall--who lives on each side and why might they need it?

CLEVER CLEANUP: When it's time to put the toys away, challenge kids to arrange the blocks in the cart so they all lie flat and none are stacked on top of each other. Use a timer or count aloud to see if kids can break their own cleanup record!