42009 LEGO Collector Shop Technic Mobile Crane MK II

R 7,700.00

Retired Set.

Seals opened, but all packets are unopened.

Box Condition: 5/10

Sold as is.


Ages: 11-16

Pieces: 2306


Get ready for the biggest, most complex LEGO Technic model ever - the Mobile Crane MK II! Drive this 2,606-piece behemoth of a model into position with the cool 8-wheel steering and rotate the superstructure. Then activate the included LEGO Power Functions motor to extend the outriggers, lower the feet and extend or raise the crane arm up to 77cm into the air. Lower the hook with the working winch and get ready to lift the load! This authentic 2-in-1 model also features 10 wheels, 5 axles and a detailed V8 motor with moving pistons. Rebuilds into a container stacker and truck featuring Power Functions motor-powered extending and raising boom.