3729 Melissa & Doug Insects Chunky Puzzle

R 179.90

This wooden puzzle features a glorious garden full of colorful bugs! The chunky wooden pieces slot easily into their recessed spots, or stand upright for pretend play.


7-piece wooden puzzle featuring eye-catching bugs with bright colors and patterns

Pieces stand up for imaginative play.

Chunky wooden pieces are easy for little hands to grasp.

Full-color pictures beneath the pieces offer visual clues.

Encourages hand-eye coordination and imaginative play.


Discover Countless Ways To Play:

RAINBOW REVIEW: Help kids identify colors on each piece. Have them find the same color on the puzzle board and on other pieces.

STORY TIME: Give each insect a name, a personality, and talk about where it lives, what it eats, and what it likes to do.

TRACE IT: Help kids trace the puzzle pieces on a piece of paper. Have them color in their own versions of the insects!