3391 Melissa & Doug Large Farm Jumbo Knob Puzzle - 8 pieces

R 299.90

Seven favorite farm animals and a farmer stand out against the big red barn. This extra-thick wooden puzzle includes eight pieces, with jumbo wooden knobs that are easy for children to grasp. Full-color matching pictures appear underneath each piece to help with matching. Encourages hand-eye, fine motor, and visual perception skills.


Colorful farm artwork.

Extra-thick wooden puzzle features jumbo wooden knobs for easy grasping.

Bright colors and sweet illustrations of familiar objects.

Full-color, matching pictures appear underneath each piece.

A perfect activity to encourage hand-eye coordination and visual perception skills.


Discover Countless Ways To Play:

ANIMAL ID: Have kids pick up pieces as you name each animal and the farmer. Repeat the names as they replace the pieces.

SOUND OFF: Make the animals' sounds as kids pick up the pieces. Encourage them to make the sounds as they replace the pieces.

RAINBOW REVIEW: Help kids identify colors on each piece. Have them find the same color on the puzzle board and on other pieces.