31131 LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Downtown Noodle Shop

R 799.90

Ages: 8+

Pieces: 569


Get ready to take an exciting trip into the heart of the city! Enjoy a tasty meal at a Noodle Shop, grab an ice cream and hang out at the amazing flat with its roof terrace. Rebuild it into a bike shop and a newsstand with a second-floor art studio, or enjoy some thrilling gaming action with 3 cool machines at an arcade. The fun never stops with this action-packed, rebuildable 3in1 set.


• 3in1 toy – Kids can play out action-packed stories with this LEGO® Creator 3in1 Downtown Noodle Shop (31131) playset, featuring 3 models in 1: a townhouse, a bike shop and an arcade

• Countless play possibilities – LEGO® fans can build and rebuild to enjoy 3 different scenes: having a meal at a Noodle Shop, going to a bike shop or playing games at an arcade

• Fold open for more play – The back of the townhouse toy can be folded open for kids to gain access to the rooms on both floors and give them even more play options

• Packed with accessories – The townhouse comes with a vending machine and a bicycle selling ice creams, the bike shop comes with a bonsai tree, and the arcade has a brick-built dog

• 2 minifigures – The playset includes 2 minifigures so kids can play out their stories with each city scene

• A fun build – This 569-piece playset gives kids aged 8 and over a rewarding building experience and makes a fun LEGO® gift for passionate little builders

• Play and then display – Measuring over 19 cm (7.5 in.) high, 16 cm (6.5 in.) wide and 6 cm (2.5 in.) deep, the townhouse toy can be proudly displayed in kids’ bedrooms

• Interactive digital building – Using the LEGO® Building Instructions app, little builders can zoom, rotate and visualise a digital version of their model on their smartphones and tablets

• Premium quality – For more than 6 decades, LEGO® bricks have been made to ensure they pull apart consistently every time

• Safety assurance – LEGO® building bricks meet stringent global safety standards