30382 Melissa & Doug Wooden Solitaire & Chinese Checkers

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It's twice the fun with this double-sided wooden game board that also doubles as unique room décor! With two strategy games that are easy to learn but offer a lifetime of fun, this is a great set for beginners and experienced players alike. There's a bright and vibrant white-framed solitaire board on one side and a Chinese checkers board on the other, both in a modern orange, yellow, blue, and green design for a fresh, eye-catching look. Use the hanging hardware to display the 17.5-inch by 17.5-inch board. Sixty game pieces (use for both games) store in the tie-top storage bag. Detailed game instructions are included.


Double-sided wooden game board with solitaire on one side and Chinese checkers on the other with eye-catching red, orange, blue, and green color pattern.

17.5" x 17.5" white-framed wooden board, 60 wooden game pieces, detailed game instructions, and challenging variations.

Fresh, modern design and high quality materials make this set beautiful enough to display on the wall as unique room décor with included hanging hardware; coordinates with other Melissa & Doug classic wooden games.

Smooth wooden game pieces store in the tie-top storage bag.


Discover Countless Ways To Play:

Use the marbles to create unique designs and pictures on the Chinese Checkers board! Challenge yourself or a friend to create something specific, like a flower, house, or word.

Make up titles for the game winner (Chief Chinese Checker Champion! Grand Game Master of All-Time!). Have the titles become more elaborate with multiple wins!

Randomly fill in all of the center section of the Chinese Checkers board except for the middle hole. Try to fill in each of the triangles with a single color marble by jumping marbles like in Solitaire!