2388 Melissa & Doug Pretend-to-Spend Wallet

R 250.00

Make playful purchasing exciting with this 40+ piece pretend play wallet, filled with everything kids need to run errands and go on make-believe shopping sprees! The folding nylon wallet with a self-stick tab closure has a long pocket to tuck away 14 play money bills, a see-through pouch for the 19 play coins, and handy slots for organizing 11 write-on cards, including bank cards, drivers license, library card, bus pass, and more! There are even "coupons" so young shoppers always get the best deals.

  • Perfect for playtime errands and pretend shopping, this set makes an exceptional gift for kids from 3 to 6. 
  • Toy wallet with play money and write-on cards.
  • Includes 14 play bills ($1S, $5S, $10S, $20S, $50S, $100) 19 play Coins (Pennies, Nickels, dimes, quarters).
  • Write-on cards include drivers license, bus and Rail pass, 2 coupons, and store, bank, charge, gym membership, health, library, and toy donor cards.
  • Perfect for playtime errands and pretend shopping.
  • 3+ years


Discover Countless Ways To Play:

  1. COUNT ON IT: Before going shopping, it's best to know how much money you have! Have kids sort the bills and the coins in the wallet by denomination. Have them count the number of bills and coins in each pile. As number skills develop, explain how the five one dollar bills are equal in value to one five dollar bill, two fives are the same as one 10, and so on. Have kids add up the value of all the bills; do the same with the coins.
  2. PICK A COIN: Have kids put all the coins into the change pouch in the wallet. With their eyes closed, have them pick out two coins and try to determine what they are: pennies, nickels, dimes, or quarters. If they guess correctly, they get to keep the coins; if they are wrong, they have to put them back in the change pouch. Take turns removing coins and guessing what they are. When the pouch is empty, whoever has the most coins wins; if players have the same number of coins, then add up the value of the coins, and whoever has the most money wins!
  3. MAP IT: Have kids lay out each of the cards in the wallet and talk about how and where each is used. Have kids draw a map of an imaginary town that includes all of the places where one would use the cards?a library, grocery store, bank, etc. Have them include roads and parking spaces, a train station, and bus stops.
  4. ERRAND DAY: It's time to run some errands! Have kids think of three places they "have to go" today. Perhaps they need to return a library book, pick up some milk, and deposit $40 in their savings account. Where will they go to do these things and what cards in their wallet will they need to run the errands? Have them fill out the appropriate cards?use pencil (remove with eraser) or crayon (remove with paper towel). Will they drive or take public transportation? Will they need to bring cash?