Micro Machines Vehicle Hauler

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LOAD ‘EM AND HAUL ‘EM! Hold up to 8 of your Micro Machines vehicles in the hauler for easy travel and on-the-go fun!

COOL FEATURES! The Mini Vehicle Hauler has 2 levels to hold vehicles, a drop down ramp for play, and opens up for access to all of your favorite vehicles.

EXCLUSIVE VEHICLE! The Micro Machines Mini Vehicle Hauler comes with an exclusive vehicle!

AUTHENTIC DETAILS! The eye-catching, Micro Machines vehicles feature details authentic to their real-life versions!

CLASSIC TOY! Micro Machines have been a household favorite for over 30 years! The nostalgic toy is back with all the features you loved and more!

COLLECT THEM ALL! Micro Machines come in a fun variety of vehicles and playsets! Build your Micro Machines World today!