Mould Kind Dying Gull Pirate Ship

R 1,299.00

Introducing the Ship range from Mould King where every design is made to replicate the real version to it's every smallest detail.
Build your very own replica with Mould King! Models range in difficulty which is perfect for the novice builder to the very experienced hobby enthusiast, there is a design for everyone.

Mould King blocks are of exceptional quality and are compatible with all major brick brands.

This MOC design is made to replicate the Dying Gull pirate ship captained by Jack Sparrow from the famous Pirates of The Caribbean.

Key Features:
- Made from high quality ABS plastic
- Simulated rope tie sail
- Detailed Captain's cabin
- Hidden treasure room with treasure
- Ship hold with simulated cannons
- Cannons have flexible movement
- Gunports can be opened to make way for the cannons inside the ship's hold
- Designed to replicate a pirate ship with the iconic crow's nest, bow and more!
- 1288 Building Block Pieces

What's in the Box:
1x 1751 Dying Gull Pirate Ship - 43cm long building block kit
1x Detailed Building Instruction Booklet

Product Dimensions: 43.7x25.7x40.9cm
Approx Box Dimensions: L:36cm x W:11cm x H:25cm
Approx Weight: 1.8kg

Recommended Age: 12+