40311 LEGO Collector Shop Xtra Traffic Lights

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Pre-Built LEGO

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Stop traffic with ease while you clean up the streets!







Add some order to your city streets with the awesome LEGO® xtra 40311 Traffic Lights pack! This set of items includes 4 buildable traffic lights, plus a wheelbarrow, trash can, broom and trash elements. Combine and use the LEGO xtra accessories with all LEGO sets, to enhance children's play in any way they can imagine.


This fun pack features a wheelbarrow, broom, trashcan with lid, 2 leaves, bottle, banana and 4 buildable traffic lights.

LEGO® xtra packs are compatible with all LEGO sets.

Please Note: Prebuilt includes instructions.  Checked for completeness but cannot guarantee. Pops Toys cannot be held liable for incomplete sets.